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Marty Careys' Jump Q - Custom Made Cue - Tailored Perfection

Attention to Detail

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Mike Massey Limited Edition

Get your Mike Massey signed Jump Q today!
Limited edition series – $250.00 + $15 shipping
Certificate of authenticity included

Model – J9 – 9mm Shaft

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The jump cues are numbered 2-100.
Please confirm your favorite number at check out under comments.
If your number is not available, we will contact you.
If no number selected, it will be selected at random.

JumpQ Specifications

This cue will have you realizing your talents, and the hidden capabilities that you didn't know that you had. Let the technology of the cue do the work for you!

Carbon Fiber with solid wood core: By putting the wood core into the carbon fiber shaft, it reorients the structural strength of the shaft.

The energy transferred from the tip through the shaft produces a solid hit that maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shot

High strength composite fibers, for exceptional durability and strength

Aluminum pin & uni-loc joint with brass insert

Two different types of epoxy used; soft to absorb the shock and hard to power through the shots

6 oz. total weight (4 oz. available for custom order)

G10 – epoxy resin with a glass fabric substrate, phenolic inside won’t break

9mm or 14mm shaft options, 28″ shaft with a 12″ butt


Key Features Comparison

Each cue is thoroughly tested to preserve the JumpQ standards. Below are statistical results of how JumpQ compares to major competitive products. We go the extra mile and we keep innovating. As a result we deliver a better game experience.

Lighter Weight
Higher Stiffness
Less Resonance
Higher Durability
Higher Tip Responsiveness
Better Value For Money

Our Service

My high quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. I am dedicated to creating an awesome performing jump cue and to assist you with the know-how and experience in improving your game. .

Full Product Replacement Warranty

All of our cues come with a full replacement guarantee.

International Service

Our cues are available worldwide. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Fast & Friendly Support

With your purchase you get free lifetime support.

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